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Vienna—organised, elegant and, thanks to ruthlessly efficient municipal services, strangely litter-free. Vienna offers days of art galleries and nights of opera. But when your day is directed by nap times and nappy changes, and your nights out end at your child’s bedtime, how do you embrace Vienna? How do you create a home for your family in a country where you don’t speak the official language? What is there to do in Vienna with children?

Kinder Culture is for the family hoping to explore Vienna’s museums and galleries. It is for the traveller dreaming of a child-friendly holiday. An expat lifestyle blog, it is for the trailing spouse searching for community and the child making new friends. It is also an outlet for me, an expat mother, writer and editor, to curate the story of an Australian/British family in Vienna. lifestyle blogger writing for familiesmom lifestyle blogger parenting blogger in Vienna

Things to do in Vienna with children

Viennese Life provides practical tips for living in Vienna with children. The first post was inspired by a game of chicken with a checkout girl, as we raced to see whether I could pack items faster than she could scan them. It is also in remembrance of a packet of sugar that I maintain ripped itself open. It did not fall apart because of my wildly theatrical—but fast—packing techniques. I swear.

Vienna Days is a compilation of travel guides for families visiting or living in Vienna. It answers the unglamorous but oh-so important questions, such as ‘Where are the bathrooms?’, ‘Is there a children’s menu?’ and ‘Have the Austrians discovered the formula for drinking wine while still parenting responsibly?’

kid-friendly day trips from Vienna

Austrian Weekends offers ideas for short getaways and day trips in child-friendly Austria. Think like Austrian royalty—one can never have too many castles.

Wanderlust is dedicated to the adventurer and the wanderer. As with Vienna Days and Austrian Weekends, each post is like an extract from a travel guide, if the guide prioritised the needs, and demands, of two-year-olds. lifestyle blog for expat families Vienna with children

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