Do you have a favourite children’s book? Is it one you’ve memorised — the one you read night after night after night to your kids? Or is it one from your own childhood tucked away until your kids are older? There is something magical about reading with your kids. Through stories you connect and create a shared world only you and your children understand. Each night we go on adventures. With book in hand we meet moles digging holes, koalas practicing for an outback Olympics and green sheep hiding behind bushes. During our daytime adventures, as we explore the city, my daughter and I find places where you can borrow or buy English-language children’s books. Here are six places where you can find English-language children’s books in Vienna.

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Kinderbuch-Antiquariat: Rediscovering forgotten favourites

Is there a book that you loved as a child but have lost over the years? Chances are you may find it at Kinderbuch-Antiquariat. The children’s bookstore on Halbgasse sepcialises in rare and hard-to-find books and children’s toys. The broad selection includes English-language children’s stories. Walking into the store is like walking into the past. Kinderbuch-Antiquariat is mainly open in the afternoons. The children’s bookstore is just around the corner from Cafe Mingus. You could rediscover an English-language children’s classic and then take your little munchkin on a child-friendly coffee date.

Kunterbuch: Coffee and story time

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Kunterbuch is a wonderland of children’s stories. In the independent children’s bookstore on Stubenring you will find a vast selection of  English-language children’s books. There are even bilingual books to help you and your little one learn a new language without resorting to Google translate. The bookstore has a large children’s play area and reading nook. We spent at least an hour browsing the shelves, playing on the swing and lying on the pillows as we shared stories. Dagmar and Elisabeth even offered us coffee and cake. If you’re looking for a place to bring the kids on a grey winter’s afternoon I can highly recommend Kunterbuch. The bookstore also hosts children’s events, including story times. See their website for an up-to-date calendar.

ChickLit: Stories for #girlboss princesses and feminist princes

Where can I find children's stories in English in Vienna?In a sleepy street in Vienna’s glamorous 1st district is a bookstore with attitude. ChickLit stocks feminist literature, graphic novels and lesbian romances. It also has a diverse range of children’s books. If you hunt through the shelves you will find English-language books for kids and young adults. If you want books that are daring, bold and unafraid to explore deep issues then ChickLit is the place for you. There are books about personal boundaries, physical safety and ethnic diversity. There are even stories for children with seriously ill parents and stories about life as a refugee. If you like to shop from home ChickLit’s online store has you covered.

Thalia: The bookstore with a playground

There is nothing better than walking into a bookstore and seeing a children’s playground – well, that is, if you’re  a parent looking for ways to entertain the kids. The Thalia bookstores have small indoor playgrounds and a well-stocked range of children’s books and toys. The children’s area is a treasure trove of board games, Lego and children’s literature. But, sadly, you will not find the English-language children’s books here. All English-language books are tucked away in the back. You will still find classics like The very hungry caterpillar and Guess how much I love you but you’ll have to grab your books from the small, dark section downstairs and then head upstairs to the playground.

Tiempo Nuevo: Relax and enjoy some retro cool

Where can I find kids' stories in English in Vienna?On Tarborstrasse in the 2nd district you can find a light-filled bookstore that looks straight out of the pages of a home decor magazine. If your dream lounge room includes stylish retro furniture, art prints and nooks made just for reading then Tiempo Nuevo could be your secret retreat. After you’ve read a book in the comfy couches, why not check out the selection of English-language children’s books? The children’s section is invitingly decorated with soft pastels, throw pillows and cleverly displayed toys. There is even a selection of Spanish and Italian children’s books.

Vienna’s public libraries: You don’t have to be quiet here

Vienna’s 15th district is home to the Kinderbücherei der Weltsprachen. The public library was created just for kids and offers over 9000 items. There is a vast collection of foreign language children’s books, with more than 40 languages represented. There are children’s events and story times in English and other languages. The library has even gone online. If you can’t easily get to the 15th district don’t worry. There are multilingual story times at several branches across Vienna.

What is your favourite children’s story?
Have you found other places with English-language children’s books in Vienna?